Evelyn Madrid Erhard Announces Run for Congress in District 2

Las Cruces, NM – November 30, 2011 – Evelyn Madrid Erhard, a Democrat, formally announces today her campaign for Congress in New Mexico's second district.

Public service was a family tradition for Madrid Erhard while growing up in Española. One of her ancestors was entrusted with a land grant. Another was an officer in the Civil War. Her maternal grandfather served as a U.S. Forest Ranger. Madrid Erhard's father fought in World War II, earned a bachelors and masters degree on the G.I. Bill, and became a teacher and coach at Pojoaque High School. Her mother was a secretary at Los Alamos National Laboratories.

When Madrid Erhard considers the critical jump-start that her parents received after the war, she sees a real need for Congress to refocus on the needs of the 99%. Creating jobs, strengthening public education, and making health care affordable are only some of the ways that she would work to extend the opportunity of a jump-start to working Americans and their families.

Madrid Erhard is a lifetime student of politics. Her political education began in the third grade, when President Kennedy was assassinated. This tragic event sparked within her great empathy and a lasting desire to understand and pursue politics. She was greatly influenced during her school years by Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the plight of migrant workers. She attended her first political rallies during years of the land grant movement and George McGovern's campaign visit to New Mexico.


As a candidate for Congress, Madrid Erhard explains that Joe Skeen and Steve Pearce never protected the interests of the people of southern New Mexico. Their agenda was always to take care of their own interests and the interests of the top 1%. They have supported laws that created corporate loopholes and stripped American workers of pension and health insurance benefits. Madrid Erhard pledges to listen to voters and to fight for what they need from Congress.

Communication is one of Madrid Erhard's specialties. Her public speaking began with debate club in junior high. After high school, she attended NMSU and earned a bachelors degree in drama and a masters degree in Speech and Communication. While on break from college, she interned at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and later worked for the Lockheed Corporation as a technical writer.

When Pearce tries to attack her campaign, Madrid Erhard will be ready for him. She knows the 99% will stand behind her and she plans to help them see through Pearce's promises and rhetoric. She will gladly debate him any day. Madrid Erhard has already figured out Pearce's tricks and is not afraid of him. "I've heard people say, 'well, he's tough.' You know he's not tough. He's really just mean," Madrid Erhard said.

Madrid Erhard has spent most of her life in Doña Ana County. She spent many years teaching communication, composition, and critical thinking to students at Doña Ana Community College and New Mexico State University, as well as soldiers at White Sands Missile Range. She was a small business owner for six years, selling folk art in a small storefront shop called the “Patchwork Cat.” Her husband Tom spent a full career as a tenured English professor at NMSU. He also spent thirty years as the public address announcer for the Aggie football and basketball teams. They have been married for 32 years and own a home in Mesilla.

For nearly forty years, Madrid Erhard has been building her base in the Las Cruces area. She is fondly remembered by hundreds of former students. She is a leader in the arts community. She is well connected to NMSU staff and faculty. She has the support of seniors and will fight to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. She will open a local campaign headquarters shortly. She already has the support of top Democratic leaders from the local to the national level.

In both creative and political pursuits, Madrid Erhard has won recognition for her endeavors. She and her husband were once directors of a regional creative writing awards program for high school students. She taught herself how to restore a local home to its early 1900s condition and then won an award from the county historical society. Her personal artwork received the Juror's Award for Excellence at NMSU in 2001. For her efforts on the Obama campaign, she was selected, as one of the top eight volunteers in the state, to meet the President.

Madrid Erhard was well received at the recent Western States Caucus of the Democratic National Committee. Once elected, she will be the ninth Hispanic woman to ever serve in Congress. She fully plans to mobilize the voters in CD 2, which is New Mexico's only Hispanic-majority Congressional District. She is already coordinating with national Hispanic organizations who want to help with her campaign.

The campaign website for Madrid Erhard will go live later this week at www.evelynforcongress.com. Order generic viagra 100mg online fast. In the meantime, more information and a high-quality photo for download are available on her public figure Facebook page.